Bloc 2016

Alex Downey [Drexciyan Wave-Jumper set]


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There’s only a handful of DJ’s I’ve ever heard who are naturally gifted and Alex Downey is one of them,” says techno don Ben Sims at whose Split/Balance nights Downey has shared the stage with luminaries such as Robert Hood, Oscar Mulero, The Advent and Surgeon.

Downey, a regular draw at Wales’ acclaimed Freerotation Festival, has rocked venues from Fabric to the Labyrinth Festival in Japan.

Now resident at Brighton’s First Floor Sound parties, his Vivid radio show is weekly on Trickstar FM and he’s signed to Third-Ear boss Guy McCreery’s Guaranteed Connection artist agency.

Alex returns to Bloc for the first time since 2009 to play the Waterworld stage, the perfect place to hear this spellbinding DJ – and Channel swimmer – for a Drexciyan-style electro throw-down.

Posted: 3 February 2016