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One of the most loved and revered acts of UK rave music, Altern-8 merged politics, humour, and slamming early techno with gloriously OTT theatrics.

Famed as much for their gas masks and boiler suits as for their searing tracks, Altern-8 ruled the UK scene of the early 90s, with classics like “Activ-8”, “E-vapor-8”, “Frequency”, “Brutal-8-E”, “Armageddon”, “Move My Body”, “Hypnotic St-8” and “Infiltrate 202” sealing their place in the rave music canon, before they went their separate ways in 1994.

Altern-8 has risen up again following sold out shows all over the country, including at Bloc, Autumn St. Get ready for the finest UK rave sounds, performed by some of its most striking originators.

Posted: 2 December 2014