Bloc 2016

Daniel Avery

Phantasy Sound / UK

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Although he’s been producing and DJing in various guises for around 15 years, it’s under his own name that Daniel Avery has truly delivered his most fundamental work.

A close associate of the mighty Andrew Weatherall, his productions pull in all manner of psychedelic references atop floor-crushing techno rhythms, while his love of alt-rock and narcotic guitar music finds its way into both his tracks and his DJ sets in numerous unexpected and inevitably delightful ways.

His 2014 album ‘Drone Logic’ was one of the year’s most critically-lauded, and his residency at Fabric, Divided Love, allows him to showcase the weird, wonderful, but always floor-ready sounds that have made him one the most praised names of recent times.

Posted: 10 November 2015