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Ed DMX is one of the UK’s finest purveyors of premium grade electro, acid and quirky techno, and has released his own idiosyncratic take (as DMX Krew) on all of these subgenres for labels including Rephlex, Wavey Tones, Turbo and many more.


Initially known for his lovingly crafted retro-electro and pop-tinged oddities, he’s also investigated weirdo electronica, icy old school techno, and of course, no small amount of throbbing acid. As anyone who’s heard Ed spin – or indeed listened to his excellent series of podcasts – will know, this guy is truly the king of record collectors, tracing down oddities, obscurities and gems from all eras of electronic music with an obsessiveness that would border on troubling if he didn’t make it sound so much fun behind the decks. Hold tight for a DMX acid session like you’ve never heard before.

Posted: 2 December 2014