Bloc 2016

Evian Christ

Warp / UK

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Creatively restless, musically disparate, and endlessly fascinating, the last four years have seen Evian Christ flit from murky ambience to futuristic hip-hop, to a guest producer spot on Kanye West’s “Yeezus”, with barely a moment’s rest.

As part of Tri Angle’s core roster, he took the stylised gloominess the label is known for and propelled it into his own parallel universe, where dessicated rap beats collide with dense swathes of droning sound, head spinning distortion meets apocalyptic dancehall, and bone shaking bass underpins all manner of unpredictable sonic twists and turns.

As a DJ, he’s every bit as confrontational, idiosyncratic, and exciting as his records would lead you to expect.

Posted: 10 November 2015