Bloc 2016: FAQs

201 – Venue & Accommodation

— Is my accommodation included in the ticket price?

Yes, your ticket price gets you 4 nights (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) in a private apartment. All tickets include an apartment. It is not possible to come to Bloc without being booked into an apartment, or to stay in an apartment without buying a ticket.

 Can I stay on Thursday night / Sunday night

Yes, all of the resort will be open from Thursday through to Monday morning and you can stay all 4 nights at no extra cost.

 What time can I check-in?

Check-in on the main desk opens at 14:00 on Thursday 10th March and is open until 22:00. It opens again at 14:00 on Friday 11th and is open until 22:00 again. Please try to arrive by 22:00 on either night but if you’re not, you will be able to collect your keys and wristbands from a small team who will be working through the night.

 Do we need to pay a damage deposit on our apartment?

In order to collect your keys, you will need to sign a damage disclaimer for your apartment, and leave credit or debit card details with Butlins reception.

Any damage done to the apartment will be charged to this card. This is a legally binding agreement so please ensure that you look after your apartments and clean them before you leave.

 What is included in the accommodation?

They’re holiday homes that people live in for weeks at a time and they are very comfortable.

Standard chalets are either two or three bedrooms, with private bathrooms (they have baths or showers) and there’s a TV in the main bedroom. They are like adjoining hotel rooms. Bedding is provided however you will need to provide towels.

Chalets with a kitchen and lounge are either two or three bedrooms with private bathrooms (they have baths or showers), fully equipped kitchens and a separate lounge area with a TV. Again, bedding is provided however you will need to bring towels.

Gold chalets also feature a kitchen and living room but have a more luxury feel than the rest. They also feature a posher kitchen with a microwave, 100% Egyptian-cotton bedlinen, widescreen TV and DVD, a second TV in the master bedroom, shower rooms with towels included, a hairdryer and personal safe. Yes that’s right, 100% Egyptian Cotton.

New for 2016, a brand new village of chalets has been built at Butlins Minehead – West Lakes – which are in a new luxury ‘Ultra Gold’ class of their own featuring everything you would expect from a gold chalet but built around a series of lakes with balconies and verandas, open-plan living areas, massive L-shaped sofas, giant board games and a new village green. Check them out here.

You can get more clarification on the different types of chalet at Minehead here.

 Can you put my chalet next to my mate’s chalet?

Yes we can usually do this.

If you purchase two of the same chalet in one order, generally they will be placed next to each other – but only if they are the same size and type of chalet.

If you want to put in a special request for chalet placements, please put it in the ‘order comments’ section when you make your order, or retrospectively you can email both order numbers to

We cannot guarantee the close placement (some types and sizes of chalet cannot be near each other due to the design of the park) but we will do our best.

 Can we bring our own food and alcohol to Bloc?

You are allowed to bring your own food but Butlins Minehead do not allow you to bring alcohol onto the park – which will be checked at the gate. Don’t worry though, as there are two standard priced supermarkets inside the resort where you can buy booze for your chalets, and the many bars all over the resort are also very reasonably priced.

 What else should I bring?

An extra duvet can be a good idea but isn’t necessary. You’ll need toiletries and towels and that’s about it. Obvious stuff, but you won’t need a tent… and of course don’t forget your bikinis and speedos for the water park.

 How accessible is Bloc?

Butlins Resort facilities are fully accessible. Specific information on each venue, bar or restaurant is detailed below:

Centre Stage has a lift for those with mobility issues. Please observe the weight limits as some of the big mobility scooters may be too heavy, if this is the case Butlins can provide alternative scooters for guests. There are Disabled Toilets inside.

Red Stage has ramp access and disabled toilets.

Jaks Stage has ramp access and a disabled toilet.

The Sun & Moon pub has single level access and a disabled toilet.

The whole of the Skyline arena is totally accessible, on one level and with ramps to Cafe. There are disabled toilets in the Skyline arena.

All the guest restaurants have disabled access, same level and either toilet facilities in them, or near by.

We have 17 fully adapted accessible apartments. If you would like to be booked into one of the apartments, please call us on 0844 414 2464 to discuss your needs.

 What facilities are available on the Butlin’s resort?

First off there is a big sandy beach. On resort there is a supermarket, newsagent and cashpoints, Burger King, Pizza Hut, a fish and chip shop and a new American Diner. There are lots of sports facilities, a fun fair with enormous rides and whirligig things and a huge swimming pool with slides and everything! Splash water world has three flumes including one where you exit the flume at 40mph in to a bowl and sluice round it as though you are in an enormous toilet. There are also loads of arcades, pool and snooker tables and other distractions. There is also a lazer quest.

02 — Tickets

 I am looking for people to share a chalet with / I am looking to fill some beds in my chalet
Use the official Bloc Chalet Share group here.

People have been sharing chalets at Bloc with like-minded people they have met online since 2007. Many of them are now friends for life, some are now married.  It is up to you to make these arrangements, transfers and any payments which may be necessary between yourselves.

Bloc cannot accept any responsibility for these transactions, but we are able to confirm certain details about the people you are talking with (with their permission) – such as the name they have booked with us, their email and the number of tickets they have ordered.

We can also transfer the ‘lead booker’ name to officially move a chalet’s ownership from one person to the next, once we have confirmation from all parties.

While we cannot guarantee these arrangements and transactions on your behalf, in the many years people have been doing this at Bloc we have had no reports of any complications, fraudulent activity or bad vibes.

 How can we pay for our Bloc tickets?

You can buy Bloc tickets with any credit/debit card from our online shop. If you ring us on 0844 414 2464, we can also take payment over the phone or by cheque or paypal.

 Can we split the cost of our apartments over different cards?

Yes, if necessary we can take your money on several cards or even by cheque or bank transfer. To do this, you can ring us on 0844 414 2464 and we’ll arrange payment over the phone.

 Can we book more tickets and upgrade the size of our chalet at a later date?

Yes, phone us on 0844 414 2464 – Monday to Friday between 10:00 & 18:00.  Alternatively, leave a voicemail message with your number and we’ll get back to you.

 Are some apartments better than others? How do we get a better one?

Yes, they’re all of a high standard but as per ‘What is included in the accommodation?’ above, some chalets are more expensive than others and have more facilities and added levels of luxury.

If you want some clarification on the different types of chalet, take a read of Butlins accommodation page here.

All of the chalets are allocated on a first come, first served basis from the main arenas and the beach to the far-flung back of the resort – so if you want to be staying closer to the arenas and the beach, book up as early as possible.

 When will my tickets arrive?

We do not send out physical tickets for Bloc. Once you have bought your Bloc tickets, you will receive a confirmation email which contains instructions for checking in and getting your eTicket.

Your tickets are issued in the same way as they would be on an easyjet flight – you have to check-in your details in order to download your eTicket. Please see ’03 – Registration and check-in’ below.

 There has been some kind of mistake with my booking, what do I do?

Please email or call the Bloc office on 0844 414 2464. Please give us the full name of the person who made the booking and your order number.

 Are there day tickets available for Bloc?

No. Due to our 24 hour alcohol licence, we are not permitted to sell day tickets. Sorry!

 Will there be tickets available on the door?

No.  Tickets for Bloc are advance sales only and Bloc has always sold out in advance.

 Does Bloc have an age limit?

Yes, Bloc is only open to those aged 18 and over and we operate a challenge 25 policy so if you look under 25, bring ID. No refunds will be offered to those that are refused entry due to being underaged or being unable to show ID when asked.

03 — Registration and check-in

 How do I register my details to check-in?

You need to check-in in order to be able to print your eTicket. To check in, go to ‘My Account’ and hit ‘Check-in’.  You will need to enter the name, date of birth and address of everybody staying in your chalet.

 Is there a deadline?

Yes, the deadline for check-in is Friday 5th February. If you purchase tickets after this date you must check-in as soon as you have completed your order. You will only be issued with wristbands for the guests you check-in, so if you don’t register the details of everyone staying in your chalet you won’t get enough wristbands for the event. Please do it now.

— What if I need to change the name of one of my guests?

No problem, just go to ‘My Account’ and hit ‘Check-in’. Once you have saved your changes you will be able to print a new eTicket with the updated details.


04 — Travel

 Bloc Coaches: What time do the coaches depart and how can I book?

We are running coaches from London Paddington and Bristol Temple Meads (via Bristol Airport) to Minehead on Thursday 10th March, and Friday 11th March.

All coaches return to place they came from on Monday 14th March.

London coaches cost £60 return (plus booking fee), Bristol Coaches cost £40 (plus booking fee) return. Single tickets are not available.

The coaches will depart from London Paddington at 13:00 on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th March.

They will depart from Bristol Temple Meads at 14:00 on Thursday 10th March and Friday 11th March. This coach will also stop at Bristol Airport 14:45 on Thursday and Friday.

Loading begins 20 minutes before departure time so make sure that you are there early.

The exact location of the stands is as follows:

London Paddington: Eastbourne Terrace, just outside the station.
Bristol Temple Meads: In the bus park directly in front of the station.
Bristol Airport: In the covered forecourt at the front of the airport.
Butlins Minehead: In front of the main check-in desks.

To avoid delays we are selling tickets for specific coaches which load from a specific stand at a specific time. The exact time of your outbound coach on Monday can be found on your coach eTicket. You must be at the coach stand 20 minutes before departure time.

Coach eTickets are sent out in the week before the festival and do not require you to check-in.

We will publish the details of your coach loading and departure times on your your eTicket. As long as you turn up in time and at the right coach stand, your departure and arrival time (notwithstanding factors outside of our control such as traffic jams) is assured. To avoid any delays you must be at the coach stand point 20 minutes before departure time.

The tickets are non-refundable and only valid on the service stated. Please remember that if you miss this bus we cannot guarantee a place on another.

 How do I get to Bloc by road?

Bloc is held at Butlins Holiday Resort Minehead, Somerset, TA24 5SH. It is three hours drive from London once you’re on the M5. It is an hour and a half from Bristol. From the M5, follow the signs for the A39 from junction 24. Butlins is just half a mile along the seafront road from Minehead town centre. It’s signposted from the M5, Bridgwater and Taunton.

 Can I park my car at Bloc?

Yes there is plenty of free, on site parking.

 How do I get to Bloc by train?

The closest mainline station is Taunton, which is one hour and 40 minutes from London Paddington. There are regular local buses from Taunton railway station that take you all the way to to Bloc at Butlins Minehead.

The price of the bus is £5.

Likewise, for the return trip there is a regular bus service from Bloc at Butlins Minehead to Taunton Railway Station. You can catch the bus outside main reception where you originally disembarked and checked in.

A full timetable can be found here.

For those arriving later than the stated last bus in the timetable, the bus company are putting on extra buses on Thursday 10th & Friday 11th March.

On the Thursday 10th March, the last bus from Taunton station will be at 21:15, to arrive at Butlins just before 22:00.

On Friday 11th March, the last bus will leave from Taunton station at 23:00.

 How do I get to Bloc by air?

The closest airport is Bristol, 90 minutes drive from the venue. The nearest airports after that are, in order: Heathrow, Gatwick, London City, Luton and Stansted.

 I / We want to come to Bloc but don’t have people to share an apartment with, what can I do?

Just visit the chalet share section of our Facebook page to hook up with some other like-minded people.

05 — Arrival and Check-out

 Is it OK for people in my group to arrive at different times?

The ‘lead booker’ from your group will need to arrive first and collect your keys and wristbands.  Please see ’03 – Registration and check-in’ above for clarification.

 Can I arrive after hours?

The ‘lead booker’ should collect the keys before 22:00 on Thursday or Friday as this is when the main desk closes. If you simply cannot make it by 22:00 you will be able to collect your keys and wrist bands from a small team who will be working through the night.

 What do I need to bring to check-in?

Please note that we DO NOT issue physical tickets, but instead an eTicket which can be downloaded once you have completed online check-in.

The lead booker from your group will need to bring a print out of the eTicket, as well as your signed accommodation disclaimer (which is included) and ID.

 What time is check-out?

Check-out is at 10am on Monday 14th March.

06 — Music

 How is Bloc organised?

Bloc divided into six stages. Unlike many early closing UK festivals, the main stages are open through the night and there is always a bar open at Bloc.

 Can I bring my own soundsystem to Bloc?

Sorry, this is an absolute NO. Bloc is in a residential area. The arenas are well soundproofed – the apartments are not. As with all licensed events in the UK, noise complaints can result in an event being shut down. If people bring their own sound systems, they put the whole of Bloc in danger of being shut down! So please don’t do it.

 Will there be any more surprise performances from people who are not on the lineup?


07 — Terms & Conditions

Ticket purchase and entry to Bloc is subject to the Terms and Conditions of HB Events Ltd and Butlins Skyline Ltd. You can find a copy of these terms here

08 — About Us & Contacts

 Who are you?

The events advertised on this site are promoted by HB Events Ltd. under license from Bloc Holdings. HB Events Ltd, Registered in England number 07687945.

Registered Address: Glaven Farm Barn, Thornage Road, Letheringsett, Norfolk, NR25 7JE

 How can I get in touch with you?

Please email us on or call 0844 414 2464. Thanks.