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Four Tet

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In a musical landscape that seems to favour the easily-categorisable, Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet’s ascendance to the top of his game without playing by the rules is all the more satisfying.

Emerging in the mid-90s as part of post rock group Fridge, he went on to blend acoustic, organic instrumentation and delicate electronics on early Four Tet albums, before making something of an about-turn in the late 00s and emerging with a bass-heavy, club-ready sound that spun minds as much as it moved dancefloors.

Since then, he’s flaunted every ‘dance music’ convention going; whether by releasing his work himself with no PR or fanfare, throwing together grime, techno, and experimental sounds in his DJ sets, or indeed hooking up with Skrillex for one of the most memorable back to backs of recent years at Camden Palace, his vision and approach to electronic music is matched by few of his peers.

Posted: 10 November 2015