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Helena Hauff

Werk Discs / DE

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Though a resident at Hamburg’s seminal Golden Pudel club for some time, it’s in the last couple of years that Helena Hauff his really hit her stride internationally, largely kicked off by a standout podcast for Resident Advisor that marked her out as a selector of singular taste and skill.

Weaving together raw Chicago, Dutch electro, EBM, and woozy psychedelic drone jams into her sets, she quickly caught the attention of Actress, who signed her debut EP ‘Actio Reactio’ for his esteemed Werk label. Unafraid of risks or mistakes, her productions are largely recorded in one take using predominantly analogue gear, bestowing a rare sense of freedom and a mesmerising, otherworldly quality to her sound. As the plaudits pile up around her, it’s the ideal time for Hauff’s new wave techno to take centre stage.

Posted: 5 November 2014