Bloc 2016

Holly Herndon

4AD / US

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A Tennessee native opened to the infinite possibilities of electronic music during an extended stay in Berlin, Holly Herndon possesses the rare ability to imbue complex, high-concept music with emotive power.

Drawing comparisons with everyone from Coil and Aphex Twin to Ellen Allien and Laurel Halo, she’s nonetheless forged a style that’s most definitely her own, as evidenced on her two albums ‘Movement’ and ‘Platform’, the latter appearing on legendary independent label 4AD.

A committed technologist, Herndon achieved an MA in Electronic Music from Mills College, California, and is renowned for her MAX/MSP programming prowess, building and developing the custom sounds and vocal processes that characterise her music.

Blending the darkest corners of techno’s thrum and thud with sophisticated sound design, Herndon represents the vanguard of contemporary electronic music like no-one else.

Posted: 10 November 2015