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Intergalactic Gary

Intergalactic FM / NL

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Often cited as the DJ’s DJ by longstanding techno and italo connoisseurs, Intergalactic Gary is one of Europe’s most experienced and individual DJs.

Born in New Zealand, he caught the Italo bug while in the Hague, joining forces with fellow electro/Italo fiend I-F to form The Parallax Corporation in 1998. As well as underground hits like ‘Lift Up’ and the Cocadisco series on Viewlexx, the pair also delivered stone gold classic remixes for the likes of Adult., Ganymede and Japanese Telecom.

Gary is a founding father of the much-loved Cybernetic Broadcasting System, and continues to travel to the world’s most clued-up parties where he lays down house, techno, electro and disco in his own inimitable style.

Posted: 17 November 2015