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Jeff Mills

Axis / US

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The high priest of techno futurism, Jeff Mills embodies the spirit, soul, and sound of Detroit like no-one else.

Making his name on the Detroit airwaves as The Wizard in the early 80s, Mills’ rapid-fire DJ style proved to be an exhilarating prospect when applied to city’s burgeoning techno sound, and for over three decades, he’s held the undefeated crown as the genre’s most intense pair of hands behind the decks.

A committed conceptualist, his productions fuse space-age theory with murky unpredictability and churning abstraction, working equally as slamming DJ tools and uniquely Millsian experiments.

This year, he’s finally released the long-awaited follow up to his Exhibitionist DVD, as well as curating a series of events at the Louvre in Paris, and shows no signs of relenting in his quest to delve ever deeper into the complex creative impulses underpinning the techno sound.

Posted: 6 September 2014