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Laurel Halo

Honest Jon’s / US

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Initially from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and now residing between New York and Berlin, Laurel Halo came to wider attention in 2011 with her woozy, ambient-inspired collage of foggy vocals and rich electronic textures.

Her debut LP ‘Quarantine’, for esteemed UK label Hyperdub, was one of the most lauded full lengths of 2012, showcasing her mesmeric songwriting and improv-lead studio sound to deeply resonant effect. More recently, she’s covered everything from beatless ambience to dub-flecked psychedelia to loose polyrhythmic electronica, with her 2013 sophomore album ‘Chance of Rain’ investigating Detroit-esque sci-fi moods to great acclaim.

Her live shows are the antithesis of linear laptop functionality, fusing open-ended drums, rich melodic swathes, and oblique harmonics utilising a small but perfectly formed hardware set up.

Posted: 10 November 2015