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Fear of Flying / UK

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Part of the tight-knit circle of producers and DJs at the heart of the legendary Freerotation festival, Leif has been making and releasing music since 2003.

Known for his tripped-out take on house, deep techno, and out-there experimentalism, his releases on labels like Fear of Flying, Idle Hands and Mindtours have marked out his solid talent for combining psychedelic sound design with smart, understated sense of grooves, while UntilMyHeartStops – the label he runs with fellow Freerotaton stalwart Joe Ellis – has built an enviable repuation for releasing some of the finest works of producers like Joey Anderson, Steevio, Duckett, and this year Leif himself, in the form of his divine album ‘Taraxacum’.

Posted: 18 November 2015