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Matt Cutler aka Lone grew up on the classic bedroom producer diet of Hip Hop, Hardcore, techno and electronica in his hometown of Nottingham, before his debut ‘Lemurian’ for local imprint Dealmaker pricked up the ears of big names including Rustie, James Holden and Kode 9.

His debut album for Actress’s highly-respected Werk label, ‘Ecstasy & Friends’’, saw him consolidate what was fast becoming his trademark sound – a seamless mingling of hip hop, funk, and hazy, pastoral electronica melodies.

More recently, he’s applied his touch to heavier, four-four orientated material, as well as starting his own label and signing to legendary imprint R&S for his massively acclaimed 2014 album, ‘Reality Testing’. Smart, unpredictable and unique, Lone has emerged as one of the brightest British talents of the last 5 years.

Posted: 10 November 2015