Bloc 2016

Motor City Drum Ensemble


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Prodigiously talented – he’s been making music since his early teens, and was gigging internationally before he was 20 – Danilo Plessow has emerged as a global leader of modern deep house.

His early work as MCDE caught the attention of legendary jazz-tinged label Compost, and since then he’s built up a steady body of work, largely on his own eponymous label, fusing classic deep house motifs with up-to -the-minute production and effortlessly floor-rocking instincts.

As a DJ, he made his mark with his now-legendary contribution to K7’s DJ-Kicks mix series, and he’s now one of the biggest draws around, until recently averaging 8 or 9 shows a month. After a self-enforced break, he’s now highly selective about where he plays, making his debut at Bloc a very special occasion indeed.

Posted: 10 November 2015