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Nina Kraviz

трип / RU

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Few have risen through the ranks of techno and house like Nina Kraviz over the last decade.

Growing up in Russia – where hot new releases were not always easy to come by – she nonetheless forged an ongoing love for the rougher, Chicago-edged sounds that filtered through in dribs and drabs to her local record stores and early internet sites, before setting up her own rudimentary but effective studio set up which eventually saw her catch the ear of Rekids head honcho Radio Slave and Underground Quality’s Jus-Ed.

She rapidly gained an army of followers for her uncompromisingly seductive sound, bolstered by a burgeoning reputation as a killer DJ, which has subsequently seen her in headline slots at some of the world’s biggest clubs and festivals. As her star continues to rise, it’s no understatement to call her one of the scene’s brightest stars of the last decade.

Posted: 10 November 2015