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In just under two years, Objekt has gone from promising purveyor of hard-edged technoid rhythms for those in the know, to full-on album artist of international reputation, making barely a misstep along the way.

Initially influenced by industrial, breakbeat and dubstep, his early tracks combined lean and metallic rhythms, inventive samples, and ominous half-step echoes, leading many to believe he was an alias for an experienced techno veteran; in fact, as his recent – and thoroughly excellent – full length ‘Flatland’ for the mighty PAN label proved, he’s a hugely talented producer with skills that seep way beyond the dancefloor and into the farthest recesses of contemporary electronic music’s most inventive hinterlands. From all-out slamming workouts to headspinning sonic abstraction, he’s one of the key producers of techno’s latest evolution.

Posted: 5 November 2014