Bloc 2016

Speedy J

Electric Deluxe / NL

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Speedy J aka Jochem Paap is widely credited as one of European techno foremost innovators.

Since the early 90s, his legendary releases on labels like Warp, Plus 8 and Novamute developed a distinctive slant on the US techno sound, veering from pummeling acid intensity to classic experimental journeys like his much love ‘Ginger’ album from 1993.

More recently, he’s continued to explore techno’s less-traveled avenues, blending experimental music with linear dancefloor power, whether on his own Electric Deluxe label, his mind-bedning live sets, or his numerous collabortaions with artists like Chris Liebing.

An ambassador for the limitless potential of technologically-enhanced DJing, he’s a true hero of techno past, present and future.

Posted: 16 November 2015