Bloc 2016

Steffi – live

Ostgut Ton / DE

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Dutch-born Steffi earned her stripes running her own Klakson and Dolly labels, as well as holding a much loved residency at Panorama Bar since 2006.

Her own productions – either solo or in conjunction with the Analogue Cops – are infused with analogue warmth, classic references, and subtle production flourishes, forging a sound that’s both timeless and current, laid back and effortlessly danceable.

Her DJ sets, meanwhile, bring together the best of true deep house and musical techno, perhaps most effectively showcased on her lauded contribution to the Panorama Bar mix CD series. Smart, refined, yet not afraid to get a little dirty when required, she’s an ideal ambassador for the deeper sound of Berlin house and techno.

Posted: 10 November 2015